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 Christophe NOBILEAU

Telfrance Group, directed by Christophe Nobileau, has diversified to ensure that it is present in all area of the profession through its production and distribution subsidiaries and labels. Telfrance Group is one of the leading companies in French broadcating.

With over 170 millions viewers, 2nd largest producer of primetime TV drama in France, more than 26 hours of brand new screen time and the 9th largest producer of flow (source: Ecran Total 2012), Telfrance Group is the market leader for daily fiction thanks to the series Life's So Sweet, which has a cumulated screen time of over 338 hours per year.

In the past, Telfrance has produced a lot of TV drama including flagship series with recurring heroes such as Cordier & Son, Judge and Cop, Louis' Antique Shop, and C.I.D., symbolic units as Brothers, For Djamila, The hidden woman or A man of Honour. The company currently makes:


TV serials: Life's So Sweet, a new format created for France 3 in 2004 that has gone on to become a social phenomenon and a media brand, 


magazines: Motherly Yours, broadcast from monday to friday


documentaries: The Secrets of the Parthenon, Parasomnia, D-Day or Gendarmes,


cartoons: Loopdidoo, Little Chuckses, OVNI


game shows and entertainment: 7th Heaven !, Cover The Hits!, Mum I'm the Chief!, Quand l'amour s'en mêle, Les humoristes piratent la télé...


webseries: Les opérateurs,


 short fictions: Has It Ever Happened to You ?, Lucide's Weeks...

Telfrance also has its own integrated production materials and structures dedicated to selling rights, licensing, derivative products dérivés, products placement and brand content.


Groupe Telfrance 71, rue de la victoire 75009 Paris France
Tél : +33 1 53 78 24 00 | Fax : +33 1 53 78 24 01 |